God is for me

I must say being diagnosed with breast cancer was a shock to say the least.
I had enjoyed good health most of my adult life. I was not afraid of dying for the Christian death has no sting. I thought of it as a massive inconvenience until treatment started then the most barbaric ride of my life.
I found hope in my little book on healing.
And I was overwhelmed with the generosity and love shown to me by Heidi and the ladies who are responsible for the 1000 meals program. Not to mention my almost daily calls and messages from Kylie Smith from the pastoral team.
Today I started radiation and on the way there I received a message from Francoise wishing me well and telling me she was praying for me.
She had no idea where I was going or what I was doing, she had bought a meal over one night and that was the only time I had seen her but I was overwhelmed by the fact that God is for me and even comes to Radiation treatment with me and uses his servants to let me know.

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