Rememberance Day

I was diagnosed with breast cancer on Remembrance Day of 2005. After
getting over the initial shock of the diagnosis it was then time to
commence the battle.
I looked up and wrote down in a little journal every scripture I could
find on healing, health and life vs death although I never allowed my
mind to wander towards the latter.
I was blessed to have great support from my husband and we still had our
2 adult children living at home at the time so meals and housework were
well taken care of.
Our children grew up without having either of their grandmother’s around
as they both died very young, and I remember deciding very early on
during my treatment that our future grandchildren would not be robbed of
knowing their nanny.
My treatment lasted over 18 months and during that time I made a
decision each day to choose life and declare the wonderful works of the
The biggest thing I can say to people on that journey today is to stay
positive, casting down imaginations and just get on with living.

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